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    Our BootyHIIT workout programs can be done at home, or in the gym and are suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to experienced.
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    Is The Booty Academy Suitable For Me?

    The Booty Academy and BootyHIIT β„’ workout program has been created to cater for all ages and fitness levels, with each workout having a progression and regression option available - we recommend taking our short quiz to find out for sure!
    Each BAbe Membership comes with everything that you need to get results, including; Booty Bands, App Access, Phone Stand, Carry Bag & More!
    We offer flexible App Membership options to suit your needs, including monthly and annual subscriptions from as little as 0.16c per day - you can also start with a FREE 7 Day Trial to see if The Booty Academy is right for you!
    YES - The Booty Academy's BootyHIIT β„’ workout program has been personally created by Alissa Fay (accredited PT) for maximum booty and core gains, with both At Home and In Gym programs available!
    We understand that you live a busy life, which is why our BootyHIIT β„’ at home and in gym workouts have been created to be short, efficient and effective, with no workout taking longer than 30 minutes!
    Absolutely! The Booty Academy app is available for download and compatible with all Apple and Android devices, including phones and tablets.
    We always recommend using our Booty Bands where possible, as they are made from premium content and do not pinch or pull! However, if you already have Booty Bands, our App Membership options would be best suited to you.
    Our BootyHIIT β„’ at home workout program is designed to be low impact with booty band and body weight exercise options available - however, we always recommend consulting your doctor or physician first.
    If you complete our BootyHIIT β„’ guided workout programs, but don't see any results, we will refund your order! We will also replace your bands if they break (although this has never happened), as they are made from premium cotton.
    Not a problem, we are here to support you on your journey to fitness and confidence! You can visit our FAQ page for more answers, or email us directly at hello@thebootyacademy.com